Thursday, February 25, 2010

Obama to America: "I heard you, I don't care, get over it."

I believe the way the American system goes is that you elect someone to represent you, and they do what just that. The way you represent someone is to listen to them, and do what the majority asks. obama has chosen to do exactly the opposite, choosing today to begin his socialized health-care push once again.

The Demos are taking a different slant this time as they prepare for "reconciliation", which will allow them to push the bill through anyway without the 60 votes they needed earlier (and now have lost thanks to the election of Scott Brown). Here's the funny part though: the Demos are saying the Republicans are the villains here, and will use this to say they are trying some "end run" around the system to pass their bill. But that is exactly what they are doing!!!

The Demos were content to push their bill through with normal channels before, but the American people said "NO!" and rather than listen to that, they now say "We'll do it another way to make it happen!" All of this in an election year! This is political suicide, plain and simple.

On top of all that, the obama dictatorship announced yesterday plans for his re-election campaign in 2012. Don't you just love the audacity of this guy? He's proving every single day that he doesn't care what the American people want, that he hates America as a whole, and that he has no common sense at all about running a hot dog stand, let alone an entire nation--and still he's planning on trying for a second term!

If you push this health care down our throats, you can save your money on the re-election campaign. Yes, there are people who would vote for you no matter how stupid you were, but the majority will tell you to go home.