Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Talk From the Talkiest Prez Ever!

Last night's wonderful short story read by hussein was titled "The State of the Union Address". It was filled with wonderful moments of praise for an administration that has, to date, accomplished absolutely nothing at all of worth. It was hard for him to blame the Republicans for everything since he had a Democratic control of all three branches of government until last week and still did nothing, but he found the way anyhow with his wonderful "Saying no may be good for the moment, but it's not good leadership" statement. After all, what Democrat in office today has the guts to say "no" to anything the prez says? If they tried, Pelosi would personally shank them in the hall.

So let's see what we have going here from this "great leader". When the muslim terrorists (yep, that's what they were) flew the planes into the WTC in 2001, Bush stood up and sent our men in there to blast their butts and show them attacking America was stupid. When a muslim terrorist (yep, that's what he was) tried to blow up a plane full of folks on Christmas day, our prez did nothing. When Osama Bin Laden sent a tape personally taking credit for ordering the attack (kind of hard to say, "We don't know for certain it was a muslim terrorist" when they take credit for it on tape), our prez did nothing. Bin Laden even said there were more attacks coming, and our president makes his 414th speech since taking office (no exaggeration there, it's the actual number) and does nothing.

So it's official, the terrorists know they can attack us and we'll do nothing in response because our president is officially a paper doll. No substance, no backbone, nothing but image. What you see is it. There's no depth there, and he will spend his next three years in office accomplishing absolutely zip--and blaming the Republicans all along the way.

We said we didn't want health care, even to the point of voting a Republican into a Democratic controlled state, and still he's trying to find a way to get it passed. I can't remember a President in history that has to blatantly told the American public "Up yours!" and still has followers. I have no clue what it would take to convince those zombies that he doesn't care anything about America. Some people are just sheep for life.

For the rest of us, we see it as it is. obama, just try to leave us a nation to pass on to the next President in three years when you are voted out of office.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama to the people: "I heard shut up!"

After the stunning loss of a long-held Democratic state last night to Republican Scott Brown, many Democrats this morning were ready to call for a slow-down on the health care destruction bill. It became painfully obvious that the people were not going to take lightly to any politician who ignored their words of "stop it!"

However, that wacky White House resident and our current dictator hussein obama is pushing his flunkies to get that bill through now before Brown can be sworn in to stop it. It's sad, but funny in a way...the people spoke with their votes, and still it's not enough to get through that thick head of his that we don't want anyone messing with our health care system!

If he rams this bill through, then it will be a blatant slap in the face of every American out there. He will be purposefully circumventing the political system as it stands in an attempt to have his way like some spoiled little child.

I don't know how much clearer we can put it, but here it is: We do not want you messing with our health care! Go apologize to some other nation for America or bow to a foreign dignitary or something, but just leave our health care alone! You'll only have to "suffer" as leader of this nation for another three years and we'll vote you out of office too (provided he still allows us to vote in the future...which is doubtful).

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Truth and the Consequences

This was posted on the Fox News website and I think it needs to be read by everyone. It's a list of obama's top 8 pledges during his election speeches, and what he's really done. There can be no doubt this man is not now nor has he ever been a man of his word.

Read the entire article here.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Health Care being "pushed by President"

According to this news article, hussein is pushing his health care destruction bill through in time for his state of the union address. Unfortunately for us, it is not something we asked for or wanted, but his entire presidency lies upon getting this done. Otherwise, his state of the union address will be "Well, uhhhhhh, been here a nothing to show for it...uhhhhhhh, thanks for your time." He will trumpet this bill as America's shining hour.

And of course, if we are still allowed to vote in November, we will kick every last one of his Demo cronies out of office.

The only way for a Democrat to save their job now is to stand up to the prez and say no. Show backbone, and we'll be impressed. Follow the drones, and you're out of a job.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Prez Still Doesn't Get It

So this weekend saw yet another Muslim on an airplane cause a flight problem. This time it was from Atlanta to San Francisco, and they had to land because he went to the bathroom and wouldn't come out. So has our commander-in-chief stepped boldly forward and said he will up airport security toward those who are obviously Muslim (names like Muhammed sort of give it away)? Nope. He's blaming the system and the American people for this lapse in security. It's not the Muslim's fault for trying to cause's still the nation he rules as our prez.

I can understand the problem with profiling. I can see where this could be uncomfortable with some folks, but let's be honest: if you were on a flight and you saw someone suspicious enter the plane you'd feel better if you knew they'd been carefully screened, wouldn't you? If they stood up mid-flight, you'd be nervous. In the past few months things have really stepped up in their displays of disruption in flights, and it's obvious they're just insulting the American people because they know our muslim president will not take action against them or stand up to them. I hope there's still an  American left when we vote him out of office in 2012.

How about those healthcare discussions that were supposed to be "transparent"? Here they are carefully plotting the destruction of our healthcare and rationing of doctor visits, and obama has backtracked on what he said over 20 times in his campaign. He will not allow the public to hear what they're discussing because he has come to the sudden realization that if the people really knew what was going on behind those doors they'd try to shut him down.

Not that we could do anything about it. The demonstrations, letters, and faxes to the Senators and Congressmen did nothing to slow them down. They told their constituents to stick it and voted the way Reid and Pelosi told them to.

What it boils down to is the fact that we have nothing going for us right now except the fact that it's possible to get the healthcare repealed before it can actually take effect. If we can get some folks in there with backbones  that care about the people they were elected to represent, then maybe we can  make a comeback.