Friday, January 15, 2010

Health Care being "pushed by President"

According to this news article, hussein is pushing his health care destruction bill through in time for his state of the union address. Unfortunately for us, it is not something we asked for or wanted, but his entire presidency lies upon getting this done. Otherwise, his state of the union address will be "Well, uhhhhhh, been here a nothing to show for it...uhhhhhhh, thanks for your time." He will trumpet this bill as America's shining hour.

And of course, if we are still allowed to vote in November, we will kick every last one of his Demo cronies out of office.

The only way for a Democrat to save their job now is to stand up to the prez and say no. Show backbone, and we'll be impressed. Follow the drones, and you're out of a job.


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The poll also found clear majorities believing passage of a reform bill will result in lower quality of care and higher costs.