Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And So It Begins...

Since beginning this blog I've declared how obama will eventually suppress Christianity and turn Christians into the bad guys. We don't strap bombs to our chest or fly planes into buildings, but we are the natural opposition to his socialist agenda and in order to stop us he will have to vilify us. The first "shot" was fired this week, as the FBI stepped in to stop this crazy "Christian" militia group of 8 people, saying they were dangerous. Even the other militia groups out there called these folks crazy, which shows you this wasn't just a normal group of disgruntled voters out there.

Ok, understand that the government knows of (and there are even YouTube videos of) at least 30 active Muslim training camps in the Northeastern part of the U.S. The videos on YouTube show them teaching women how to slit a person's throat, and show them marching around with guns in military exercises. The government has done nothing to them because the camps are black muslims, which leads the government to the sticky situation of a racial religious persecution claim. One way or another, they fear being sued and therefore will do nothing about the camps, even though they are obviously up to no good and aren't out there learning how to kill people and create bombs just for those lazy Saturday afternoons when you don't have anything better to do. Not being racist here, just showing the double standard.

Instead, the focus now is on Christians as a whole, thanks to this group of 8 people the Feds took down this week. We are all being branded as dangerous, and the right-wing protesters are now "fanatical" and "crazy". Cornel West, the socialist who has been a recent adviser to obama, spoke at a roundtable event on CSPAN this week, saying, "There are a number of highly misguided right-wing white brothers and sisters who are engaged in assault and attack and could even attempt to kill him (Obama). So we have to protect our brother. There's no doubt about that. And we have to keep track of those forces that will lie and degrade. ... He is our brother. He needs to be protected."

Notice here that it is "right-wing white brothers and sisters" brought to the front. I'm sorry, but racism is not a one-way street. How do you think it would go over to have John McCain get on CSPAN and say, "There are some dangerous left-wing black people out there"? He'd be branded a racist and Al Sharpton would be marching down the streets of Washington demanding his head!

Simply put, obama flagrantly spat in the face of Americans everywhere last week when he destroyed our health care "for our own good". Now, after spending weeks on the defensive, he has decided to go on the offense and destroy everything the opposition says by branding them all as crazy, dangerous, right-wing Christian white folks. The only way to silence their valid opposition to his crazy antics is to brand them all lunatics and turn them into America's enemies. 

Just wait, this is only the beginning. Just as it is now illegal for preachers to say homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible (that's hate speech, you know), soon we will all face persecution for Christian beliefs. Muslims can call us infidels and scream for us to die, but Christians cannot express an opinion on their beliefs. The Bible is plain and clear about the future of world in Revelation, though America has always been conspicuously absent from any of those prophecies. That always seemed strange to me since we were a Christian nation, but as things progress our grand and glorious leader obama will proudly march America away from God and those dangerous Christian principles so we can embrace the teachings of whatever he deems the approved religion.

8 crazy people who called themselves Christians do not represent the rest of us. Isn't it odd that the politicians will say 100,000 people standing in Washington's streets with signs protesting the health care bill do not represent the majority of Americans, but 8 crazy militia people who say they were Christians do represent all the rest of us?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday Bloody Sunday 2010

Congratulations to barack insane obama, who single-handedly killed the greatest health care system in the world, and has taken the first real step toward creating the United Socialist States of Amerika. Enjoy your victory. We the American people may be powerless against you and your power-mad schemes, but we will never forget.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now They Control Healthcare...What Next?

Well, we lost. The mad dictator in the White House finally forced his policies on the U.S. despite what the vast majority of Americans said they wanted. He sacrificed the 86% of us who had health care just to give it to 13% of the people who didn't for various reasons. Rather than make it affordable for everyone who worked to get it, he's forced it on all of us with threats of fines. Now it becomes a it actually worth it to work and pay for health care, or does it make more sense just to get on unemployment and other government assistance programs and become a leech on the dying body of America? I think I know what most folks will choose.

We knew we'd lost when they started saying yesterday that the protestors were racists and threatening them and such. It was all a bunch of lies, but the spineless democraps had run out of valid reasons to pass the overpriced, crooked, behind-the-scenes-dealing health destruction bill and needed something to take the focus off of what they were actually doing.

So this is step 1 in the dictatorship. Next, chairman hussein will either go after guns or most likely he will try to find a way to regulate food sales. If the government can control our food supply next, they will successfully cripple us further. We are on our way to a socialist state. Soon Christianity will become outlawed as he pushes us toward government approved religion (and it's easy to figure out what that will be).

For those who are putting their hope in "Appeal" come November, it will not happen. They have shown us that they will do whatever it takes to pass whatever they want to, and there is no way he will ever allow that to be repealed. I still say he will find a way to take the 2012 elections away from our hands, but time will tell.

We need to seriously be praying for mercy from God for our nation. God please help us live through this horrible dictatorship that is out to destroy our freedoms. Please, God, show our nation mercy and help us find You again.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Will Pay the Price?

With obama's dictatorship almost complete thanks to his takeover of our health care system, you've probably heard the lies going around at how this won't affect you unless you  make a combined income of $250k or more. Well, that's just not true.

Read this article to find out how this will affect you...and probably end up costing you your health insurance altogether.

Keep in mind that this is directly slanted to destroy the average middle class family and drive them into the poverty group. This allows the government to continue its work toward Socialism, and finally Communism. Make no mistake, this is exactly where that madman wants us to go. He will destroy this nation.  He hates us and always has, wanting to turn our system into one in which he can declare himself supreme ruler just like North Korea.

He couldn't pass this bill through any normal channels, and the democrats seem to revel in the fact that they are going to force this through right in the face of the American public. If Bush had attempted anything approaching this, people would have screamed for him to be impeached, but nothing is being said about hussein's tactics.

The thing is this: Even if we can get the demos out of control in November's election, they still will be in control until January 20, 2011, when the new people are sworn in. This gives obama the ability to push through any other legislature he wants to for almost a year, knowing that he can just go around the normal channels if he sees fit to do so. Will our nation ever recover from his horrible, twisted leadership? It will take an act of God to save us and our nation at this rate.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Turn Our Backs On Israel!

With Biden's recent visit to Israel seeming like a bust, it's important to understand why it was: America is pandering to the Palestinians while trying to bully Israel into giving up land and even sectioning off Jerusalem!

Why is this such a big deal? Why are we wrong to try and push the Palestinians into Israel's territory? Let's put it into perspective for you:

First, you must imagine a U.S.A. governed by a President with a backbone and a brain, both of which our current leader has demonstrated time and again he does not have. So for the sake of argument, let's call our President "Chuck Norris". Here's how it would work:

Al Queda decides it wants Texas. It has no legal claim on Texas, other than just deciding it wants it. So Al Queda begins to move in with people and annexing land. President Chuck is not happy about it and decides to fight back with missiles, bullets, soldiers and whatever else it takes to help Al Queda understand its boundaries and that it has no right to the land it is trying to move into.

Now let's say the King of England (I know he's dead, but work with me) comes to America and assures the Al Queda that he will get them Texas. He tells President Chuck that he's wrong and demands that Chuck hand over Texas and half of Washington D.C. to Al Queda. Do you see where this could cause some tension?

Of course, if this scenario played out in real life with obama in charge, he'd apologize for being such a horrible nation, bow down to the Al Queda leader and hand them over as much land as they wanted. He's like that.

America must not turn its back on Israel! The Bible promises again and again blessings on those who help Israel and curses on those nations that turn against it. We have always been Israel's ally, and I realize the election of a muslim president didn't help their cause, but we must hold out until 2012 when we can elect a new and better man for President. We cannot turn our backs on them!

I understand that the Bible is clear that in the end Israel will stand completely alone in the battle of Armaggedon, which will mean the U.S. will either not be interested in helping or will not be able to due to some catastrophe, but we don't have to make this a reality now! We can continue to help them and we should do so. Turning our backs on them or worse, turning against them, will bring this nation under without the grace of God.