Thursday, March 11, 2010

Don't Turn Our Backs On Israel!

With Biden's recent visit to Israel seeming like a bust, it's important to understand why it was: America is pandering to the Palestinians while trying to bully Israel into giving up land and even sectioning off Jerusalem!

Why is this such a big deal? Why are we wrong to try and push the Palestinians into Israel's territory? Let's put it into perspective for you:

First, you must imagine a U.S.A. governed by a President with a backbone and a brain, both of which our current leader has demonstrated time and again he does not have. So for the sake of argument, let's call our President "Chuck Norris". Here's how it would work:

Al Queda decides it wants Texas. It has no legal claim on Texas, other than just deciding it wants it. So Al Queda begins to move in with people and annexing land. President Chuck is not happy about it and decides to fight back with missiles, bullets, soldiers and whatever else it takes to help Al Queda understand its boundaries and that it has no right to the land it is trying to move into.

Now let's say the King of England (I know he's dead, but work with me) comes to America and assures the Al Queda that he will get them Texas. He tells President Chuck that he's wrong and demands that Chuck hand over Texas and half of Washington D.C. to Al Queda. Do you see where this could cause some tension?

Of course, if this scenario played out in real life with obama in charge, he'd apologize for being such a horrible nation, bow down to the Al Queda leader and hand them over as much land as they wanted. He's like that.

America must not turn its back on Israel! The Bible promises again and again blessings on those who help Israel and curses on those nations that turn against it. We have always been Israel's ally, and I realize the election of a muslim president didn't help their cause, but we must hold out until 2012 when we can elect a new and better man for President. We cannot turn our backs on them!

I understand that the Bible is clear that in the end Israel will stand completely alone in the battle of Armaggedon, which will mean the U.S. will either not be interested in helping or will not be able to due to some catastrophe, but we don't have to make this a reality now! We can continue to help them and we should do so. Turning our backs on them or worse, turning against them, will bring this nation under without the grace of God.

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Rick said...

I agree. You should read the book "As America has done to Isreal" by John Mcternan. It is eye opening.