Sunday, March 21, 2010

Now They Control Healthcare...What Next?

Well, we lost. The mad dictator in the White House finally forced his policies on the U.S. despite what the vast majority of Americans said they wanted. He sacrificed the 86% of us who had health care just to give it to 13% of the people who didn't for various reasons. Rather than make it affordable for everyone who worked to get it, he's forced it on all of us with threats of fines. Now it becomes a it actually worth it to work and pay for health care, or does it make more sense just to get on unemployment and other government assistance programs and become a leech on the dying body of America? I think I know what most folks will choose.

We knew we'd lost when they started saying yesterday that the protestors were racists and threatening them and such. It was all a bunch of lies, but the spineless democraps had run out of valid reasons to pass the overpriced, crooked, behind-the-scenes-dealing health destruction bill and needed something to take the focus off of what they were actually doing.

So this is step 1 in the dictatorship. Next, chairman hussein will either go after guns or most likely he will try to find a way to regulate food sales. If the government can control our food supply next, they will successfully cripple us further. We are on our way to a socialist state. Soon Christianity will become outlawed as he pushes us toward government approved religion (and it's easy to figure out what that will be).

For those who are putting their hope in "Appeal" come November, it will not happen. They have shown us that they will do whatever it takes to pass whatever they want to, and there is no way he will ever allow that to be repealed. I still say he will find a way to take the 2012 elections away from our hands, but time will tell.

We need to seriously be praying for mercy from God for our nation. God please help us live through this horrible dictatorship that is out to destroy our freedoms. Please, God, show our nation mercy and help us find You again.