Wednesday, March 31, 2010

And So It Begins...

Since beginning this blog I've declared how obama will eventually suppress Christianity and turn Christians into the bad guys. We don't strap bombs to our chest or fly planes into buildings, but we are the natural opposition to his socialist agenda and in order to stop us he will have to vilify us. The first "shot" was fired this week, as the FBI stepped in to stop this crazy "Christian" militia group of 8 people, saying they were dangerous. Even the other militia groups out there called these folks crazy, which shows you this wasn't just a normal group of disgruntled voters out there.

Ok, understand that the government knows of (and there are even YouTube videos of) at least 30 active Muslim training camps in the Northeastern part of the U.S. The videos on YouTube show them teaching women how to slit a person's throat, and show them marching around with guns in military exercises. The government has done nothing to them because the camps are black muslims, which leads the government to the sticky situation of a racial religious persecution claim. One way or another, they fear being sued and therefore will do nothing about the camps, even though they are obviously up to no good and aren't out there learning how to kill people and create bombs just for those lazy Saturday afternoons when you don't have anything better to do. Not being racist here, just showing the double standard.

Instead, the focus now is on Christians as a whole, thanks to this group of 8 people the Feds took down this week. We are all being branded as dangerous, and the right-wing protesters are now "fanatical" and "crazy". Cornel West, the socialist who has been a recent adviser to obama, spoke at a roundtable event on CSPAN this week, saying, "There are a number of highly misguided right-wing white brothers and sisters who are engaged in assault and attack and could even attempt to kill him (Obama). So we have to protect our brother. There's no doubt about that. And we have to keep track of those forces that will lie and degrade. ... He is our brother. He needs to be protected."

Notice here that it is "right-wing white brothers and sisters" brought to the front. I'm sorry, but racism is not a one-way street. How do you think it would go over to have John McCain get on CSPAN and say, "There are some dangerous left-wing black people out there"? He'd be branded a racist and Al Sharpton would be marching down the streets of Washington demanding his head!

Simply put, obama flagrantly spat in the face of Americans everywhere last week when he destroyed our health care "for our own good". Now, after spending weeks on the defensive, he has decided to go on the offense and destroy everything the opposition says by branding them all as crazy, dangerous, right-wing Christian white folks. The only way to silence their valid opposition to his crazy antics is to brand them all lunatics and turn them into America's enemies. 

Just wait, this is only the beginning. Just as it is now illegal for preachers to say homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible (that's hate speech, you know), soon we will all face persecution for Christian beliefs. Muslims can call us infidels and scream for us to die, but Christians cannot express an opinion on their beliefs. The Bible is plain and clear about the future of world in Revelation, though America has always been conspicuously absent from any of those prophecies. That always seemed strange to me since we were a Christian nation, but as things progress our grand and glorious leader obama will proudly march America away from God and those dangerous Christian principles so we can embrace the teachings of whatever he deems the approved religion.

8 crazy people who called themselves Christians do not represent the rest of us. Isn't it odd that the politicians will say 100,000 people standing in Washington's streets with signs protesting the health care bill do not represent the majority of Americans, but 8 crazy militia people who say they were Christians do represent all the rest of us?

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