Friday, March 19, 2010

Who Will Pay the Price?

With obama's dictatorship almost complete thanks to his takeover of our health care system, you've probably heard the lies going around at how this won't affect you unless you  make a combined income of $250k or more. Well, that's just not true.

Read this article to find out how this will affect you...and probably end up costing you your health insurance altogether.

Keep in mind that this is directly slanted to destroy the average middle class family and drive them into the poverty group. This allows the government to continue its work toward Socialism, and finally Communism. Make no mistake, this is exactly where that madman wants us to go. He will destroy this nation.  He hates us and always has, wanting to turn our system into one in which he can declare himself supreme ruler just like North Korea.

He couldn't pass this bill through any normal channels, and the democrats seem to revel in the fact that they are going to force this through right in the face of the American public. If Bush had attempted anything approaching this, people would have screamed for him to be impeached, but nothing is being said about hussein's tactics.

The thing is this: Even if we can get the demos out of control in November's election, they still will be in control until January 20, 2011, when the new people are sworn in. This gives obama the ability to push through any other legislature he wants to for almost a year, knowing that he can just go around the normal channels if he sees fit to do so. Will our nation ever recover from his horrible, twisted leadership? It will take an act of God to save us and our nation at this rate.

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