Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here's Your Future Health Care...

I've tried to keep quiet lately about all the junk obama has pulled, but I saw this and just had to speak up. I know the people who vote for obama wouldn't be swayed if he stood up and demanded the death of every baby in America, but I have to speak out sometimes.

Thanks to the machinations of the muslim in office, our healthcare will receive a crippling blow in the coming years. You know how he kept touting Canada's universal health care as the working model and how all these random Canadians kept saying how awesome Canada's healthcare was (despite the weeks spent waiting to get an appointment and the hours spent in the waiting room)? Well, here's an example of that Canadian universal health care system in action:

Canada's health care system is apparently simple: Let 'em die...make it hurt if you have to, but let 'em die.

Oh, and remember, this isn't the health care our dictator in chief will be receiving for his family, nor will Pelosi or Reid have to use this. They are exempt from the horror they have pushed on the rest of us.

Oh, and congratulations are in order for our chief. He got his wish and now Egypt is well on the way to being controlled by his muslim brothers. That's one more enemy for Israel right on their doorstep, helped out by obama's demands that the Egyptian president (a long time American ally) listen to his people and step down.

Well, obama is definitely leaving a legacy...that can't be denied.