Monday, April 20, 2009

The Tea Party Aftermath

CNN continues to show itself as nothing more than the obama fan club. This is just part of a clip that was on during the Tea Party. The CNN reporter did all she could do to make this seem like a riot of terrorists calling for the complete destruction of the government. You can't find the whole clip anymore thanks to CNN demanding it be pulled from all major sources (because it shows them for the idiots they are), but if you stumble across it somewhere it makes for a lot of laughs. The reporter, Susan Roesgen, looks ready to slap everyone in the group because they're talking about her dream lover Barack. It's obvious she left that day, went home to her full-sized Obama cut-out, slipped into her "I Barack" jammies and told herself she was a real reporter, no matter what intelligent people thought.

Anyhow, here's an interesting look at what went down. I'm posting the link and then I'm posting the video embedded because sometimes Blogger doesn't like those YouTube clips.

Here's the link, first of all.

And here's the video:

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Congratulations, Barack!

Congratulations to Barack Hussein Obama! It took George Bush 8 years (with the help of the Democrats and their drones at CNN) to make America hate the Republicans. On the other hand, Obama has managed to single-handedly motivate Americans to get out and actually threaten a revolution...all in under 100 days! The "tea party" movement yesterday showed how strongly Americans feel against this incredibly irresponsible government spending that's been going on since "the holy one" took office.

To be fair, the Democrats only asked for the chance to show us what they could do if they were in charge again. The sucker majority bought it and put them into office, and the Democrats have definitely shown us what they can do! They can cripple the nation financially in weeks!

Obama has said he has plans to help boost American automakers' sales figures. Here's what I'm thinking he'll do: He will put a heavy tax on all foreign cars and car makers in an attempt to push Americans into buying domestic automobiles. That way it still feels like we have a choice, but at the same time we really won't. We'll just have to wait and see if I'm right.

But anyway, congratulations again, Obama! You're really making it easy on the Republicans to get back into office next year. As a matter of fact, if you keep up at the pace you're going, I believe your own political buddies will be impeaching you soon just to save face!

I can just see the Republican rallying cry next year: "Change!" A little poetic, I believe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Tea Party!

I won't throw it toward the White House so you can shoot at me, but here's my little contribution to the tea party.

And speaking of fun tax day news, the Obamas filed the taxes and reported $2.7 million in income last year. Supposedly this was from the sale of his books since he barely brings home over 130k as a senator. Did he really sell that many books? Makes you wonder.