Monday, April 20, 2009

The Tea Party Aftermath

CNN continues to show itself as nothing more than the obama fan club. This is just part of a clip that was on during the Tea Party. The CNN reporter did all she could do to make this seem like a riot of terrorists calling for the complete destruction of the government. You can't find the whole clip anymore thanks to CNN demanding it be pulled from all major sources (because it shows them for the idiots they are), but if you stumble across it somewhere it makes for a lot of laughs. The reporter, Susan Roesgen, looks ready to slap everyone in the group because they're talking about her dream lover Barack. It's obvious she left that day, went home to her full-sized Obama cut-out, slipped into her "I Barack" jammies and told herself she was a real reporter, no matter what intelligent people thought.

Anyhow, here's an interesting look at what went down. I'm posting the link and then I'm posting the video embedded because sometimes Blogger doesn't like those YouTube clips.

Here's the link, first of all.

And here's the video:

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