Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NASA's New Purpose

Just when you think obama can't do anything more stupid, he's now reassigned NASA (yep, the outer space folks) to improve muslim relations. Stop focusing on the moon, or the space station, or the stars, and focus on making muslims like us. Does that sound like it falls under the blanket of NASA's core purpose? Better yet, picture this: If Bush had told NASA to stop doing that space stuff and work on making Christians look better, every civil rights and activist group in America would have demanded his head on a stick, but because our muslim president wants his terrorist buddies to look good he changes everything and no one says a word about it.

Let's be honest here: every single day this man proves he hates our country and love muslims. He hates Israel and is watching patiently as Iran develops the nuclear weapons they will need to attack Israel and/or us. He will go down in history as the worst president our nation has ever known, and the biggest tyrant we've had since King George in 1776.

George Bush is President as a hurricane hits Louisiana and suddenly everyone screams racism and says he hates black people because he doesn't work to get them dry fast enough, yet obama has done absolutely nothing to help stop this oil spill that has hit all of the Gulf states today...and yet no one says he hates black people or white people or anything. No blame for obama for doing nothing? Katrina took a while to clean up, but it got done. This oil spill is still going on with clean up that will be ongoing as long as it keeps pouring into the ocean, yet our leader is more concerned with his muslim friends more than cleaning stuff up. Great work, prez!