Thursday, April 1, 2010

Let Me Clarify Something

I need to clarify something that could be misunderstood from some posts I've made. I do not believe obama is the anti-Christ, and I have never said so. I don't think he's smart enough to take on that role. I believe he could be a great leader, but he refuses to listen to anyone who disagrees with his viewpoints and instead takes a very antagonistic approach to those of differing opinions from his own.

His socialist viewpoints have been obvious from his earliest political career, and this was brought to the forefront during his election campaign by numerous sources, however the media was so in love with him then that they ignored every bit of negative information about him. It stands to reason then that all he's doing is furthering the socialist agenda as he has done all his life.

Here is a man who has never run a Burger King, yet a majority elected him ruler of what was at one time the most powerful nation on Earth. Thanks to obama's leadership, we are now considered a nation of fools and looked down upon by every other country on the planet. We even do our best to cater to countries who openly hate us, trying to gain their approval that will never be coming while at the same time insulting nations who are our allies like Israel and Australia.

That being said, I do not believe he is the anti-Christ or the false prophet, or whoever. Could he be used to bring about the eventual downfall of our nation? I believe his first year in office says it all better than I could ever hope to answer. Still, for his ignorance and arrogance, I believe history will show his presidency as the worst in U.S. history, or at the very least the most controversial. The only way he will get re-elected will be if he rigs the election, which would not surprise me in the least. The way he shoved the health care bill through just shows he will do whatever it takes to have his way.

God can still deliver us and bring us through this crazy 4 years. Don't give up praying for Divine help. He is always near when we call.

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