Wednesday, April 7, 2010

They May Be Muslim, But They Aren't Terrorists Anymore...

barack hussein obama has released his newest strategic document for the United States, and guess who is no longer mentioned? The National Security Strategy Document is supposed to detail what threats America faces, but all mention of muslims or islam are now gone entirely. Poof! It's as if all their threats and 9/11 never happened for us!

Will wonders never cease? Our muslim leader has completely taken away all mention of his muslim brothers as a threat to America, and is even going back later this summer to continue his "We're Sorry We're Americans" tour, purposefully following the same "We're a muslim nation" rhetoric he used last year.

Continue to pray for our nation.

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Rick said...

what is he thinking with signing his no arms agreement with Russia. Viewing the wokd with rose colored glasses.