Friday, November 7, 2008

Regarding yesterday's post...

This story pretty much confirms what I mentioned yesterday. When the leaders of a terrorist organization are excited that you got elected and are hoping you "won't make the same mistakes past presidents have made", you can pretty much count America out of helping Israel.

If you're wondering why I'm linking to a news source outside America, it's because this hasn't been reported by the U.S. media yet. It's too soon into his new administration to show anything like this to the public. If they see this, they might start thinking! They haven't done that in the past year, so why start now?

I'll say this much for him: he never hid the facts about how he's just that Americans were too blinded by the glitz to pay attention to any words coming out of his mouth.

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Rick said...

I agree with alot of what you have to say on this blog. I was ready to vote of Clinton. (I can't believe I was but I thought of the 3 she was the best.) When Obama got the nod I had to vote for McCain. I saw a documentary on Obama before the election that said they tried to find his college thesis and what he wrote while in charge of the Harvard Law Review but nothing with his name on it was found. Obama won't talke about people he met in college. How can we vote someone in who is obvisouly trying to hide his background?
We will not know who the anti-christ is till it is too late. If Obama is not be the anti-christ then he may be a step in that direction.
In the 80's we said capitalism won when the Berlin wall fell and Russia had problems. Now we may as well say the real winner is communisim.