Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Punch Drunk?

Slowly but surely, the glitz and glamor are starting to fall away from the public's eyes and they are realizing a Senator who has voted "Present" 128 times was an awful choice for a President who is NEVER allowed to vote "present" to anything but actually has to make decisions. According to the latest polls by Gallup, his approval rating is down to 65%, while other polls have it 50/50. Here's the president on 60 Minutes this weekend and it has generated a lot of buzz on the internet thanks to the fact that at around the 13:30 mark he starts to lose it to the point where even the interviewer starts questioning Hussein's sanity:

Watch the video here.

Next year is an election year for the Democrats, and it's an important one because they are performing horribly since they won everything last year. Unless things change, they don't stand a chance of holding onto their majority lead next year, thanks in large part to their inexperienced president.

Here's my prediction: if Obama's approval ratings tank below 30% by next year, the Democrats will anonomously release his real birth certificate to the Republicans and allow them to unseat him from office. The Democrats will act shocked and amazed, but it will let them save face while giving them the slightest chance to hold onto their majority lead.

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