Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Extremists" Is Such a Nice Word

Now that CNN is no longer allowed to use the word "terrorist" in connection to Muslims anymore, every bad guy who straps a bomb to their chest and goes into a crowded building to kill folks is called a "Muslim Extremist". That sounds so much nicer, and it helps hussein continue his "muslim love '09" tour without hurting their image to the average American citizen. To him, 9/11 wasn't the result of muslims out to slay the infidel, but just a few misguided folks who lost their way.

Flash forward to today. Just a few weeks ago, a man shot an abortion doctor in Kansas during a church service. The man is branded by the media as a "one of those radical Pro-Lifers" by CNN and a "home-grown terrorist" by Fox News. Immediately, organizations like Operation Rescue and Save-A-Life are linked to this "terrorist" even though they had nothing to do with his actions. He was not "a misguided soul who lost his way", but a part of a carefully orchestrated plan to kill every decent medical professional in America.

Yesterday, a man shot two people at the Holocaust museum in Washington. Instead of being called what he is (a freaking psycho), he was referred to as a "Right-wing Anti-Semite Radical". He was not a misguided soul who lost his way, but someone who speaks for every single person who dares to think differently from the norm. Don't misunderstand: I am not condoning his actions, and I do not agree with his views. But I think it's wrong to say that he represents any group of people. He was a twisted individual who did something unspeakably horrible.

Enter Fox News' own Shepard Smith, who went on and on about how this man perfectly fits the bill of what Homeland Security should be watching out for: he was a war veteran who was ripe to be recruited by "right-wing radicals" to become a home-grown terrorist. Smith proclaimed again and again how this man proved the government was right and that all war veterans should be seen as potential terrorists in training. He went on to condemn those "crazies" who continue to demand to see obama's birth certificate and commanded them to let it go--even though Hawaii announced last week that the certificate obama has on his site would not be considered valid for a government position in their own state! After he went off the air, Shep went home, put on his pink nightie and fondled his obama blow-up doll, all the while whispering, "I'll protect you, my love."

So looking at Shep's logic, the man was indeed a war veteran--of World War 2! If it takes 60 years for those "radical right-wing conservatives" to turn a war veteran into an active terrorist, then by the time the Gulf War vets they're so worried about go active we'll all be too old to care anyway! See how stupid of a stretch it was for Smith to make??? Even Glenn Beck, another Fox News host, came on two hours after Smith's show and said, "This is not the work of right-wing conservatives."

"This guy is a lone gunman nut job," Beck said. "I'm not stirring the pot. I am pointing out that the pot is boiling and there is trouble in America. ... Common sense tells you that there are very hateful people on the right and on the left."

Either one person speaks for an entire organization or he doesn't. If one lone crazy who shoots a doctor in a church is considered to be speaking for the entirety of Christian Pro-Lifers everywhere, then one muslim who kills a journalist speaks for the entirety of Islam. If a drunk white man in Texas running over a black man is considered a hate crime, then a black man shooting a white man sitting in his car in a parking lot in Birmingham, Alabama is considered a hate crime.

Here's one: Jeremiah Wright, obama's long-time pastor in Chicago who almost cost him a vote during the election (thank goodness obama supporters don't vote due to the facts, but just due to how pretty the candidate is), just recently said this about the prez: "Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he'll talk to me in five years when he's a lame duck, or in eight years when he's out of office," Wright said, according to Virginia's Daily Press. "They will not let him ... talk to somebody who calls a spade what it is." Does that sound like a racist? Well, it would be if Dick Cheney said it.

How about this? A muslim convert in Arkansas kills a U.S. Soldier because he feels he is justified to do so because of U.S. military actions. Did the media jump on this and brand this man a muslim terrorist (since he received his training overseas in a Yemini prison and recently came home for his Jihad)? Nope, he's just one lone misguided gunman.

How about Blackburn, England, where muslims are creating what they call a "Stree Jihad", whereby they attack and attempt to kill any lone white person walking the streets? Could that be considered a "hate crime"? And since so many of the muslims are banding together there to do this rather than one single individual acting alone, would this be considered a fair representation of muslims there? If it were a single man who called himself a Christian who did anything, all Christians everywhere would be branded "terrorists and racists".

It's time to stop creating a "situational naming policy" and decide what it is and is not.

Hussein can do all he wants to in forcing the media to see terrorists in a positive light, but the fact remains: a killer is a killer and a terrorist is a terrorist. Make the name pretty as you want to and do all you can to shelter them, but the actions speak louder than words.

And you can bet the coming weeks will see more radical idiots coming out of the woodwork to do something that the media can condemn and pin on Christians as a whole. If they went to church a single day in their life, they'll be considered a "right-wing Christian terrorist", you wait and see. We are the next target of media outrage and scourge. If they can control, subjugate, or destroy Christianity, they will do it. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion only applies to Democrats and Muslims.

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