Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kiss Your Healthcare Goodbye!

Well, it would appear obama will get his wish of destroying the health care system of America before summer winds down. Through means we can only imagine (money, threats, or blackmail), he has managed to swing just enough votes to destroy everyone's coverage (except his own...let's make sure you remember that nothing he votes on will touch him or his family).

Despite the fact that the majority of Americans do not want this passed (or at the very least, rushed through before they know what it is), obama is shoving this through. This is largely due to the fact that confidence in him has dropped to an all-time low and the Republicans were announcing that this would be his Waterloo.

This is a good news/bad news situation. The good news is that it will be the last piece of legislation he is able to have passed in his remaining 3 years of office. After this falls apart, public confidence will tank in almost all areas and no Democrat will be able to support anything he does and hope to be re-elected. The public will put a screeching halt on anything else hussein tries to do, and next November the Demos will be out of the majority rule in Congress and Senate.

The bad news is that he will destroy your health care forever. Despite the fact that universal health care does not work for any other country on Earth, hussein thinks he's got it right (even though he himself can't explain the intricacies of it in any "town hall" meetings he has). Given his track record of "ZERO" successful decisions since taking office, the way this will end up is not in doubt.

If you were thinking about having any tests run or checking up on that ache you've been having in your side, you'd better do it now. This time next year, you'll get two trips to the doctor (of his choice) and then God help you for the rest of the year.

Congratulations to all you rabid voters who put him into office. He took your jobs, he took your banks, and now he's going to take your health care. At which point exactly do you wake up and admit the man is quickly shaping up to be our worst president ever?

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