Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Democratic Death Knell

The democrats are now saying they will get this health care system destruction passed by the end of the year, with or without Republican help because they don't need it. This was their way of saying "Nanny, nanny, boo, boo, we don't need you!" and the ultimate spoiled brat move so far. But will they do it?

Doing so will guarantee in no uncertain terms that every democratic nominee going up for reelection next year will lose. When the American public makes it known that they do not want the bill passed but the politicians say "Forget what you want, we want this bill passed to show how big and bad we are!", then those politicians show they don't care what their constituents want. That means they are useless in representation and will therefore be removed.

Will obama and his madmen succeed in destroying our health care system? I don't know. While the demos may talk big and bad right now, the lifetime politicians in their midst understand what a slap in the face to the American people this move will be. They also understand they will be providing limitless ammo to their political adversaries next year who will basically only have to say "You said you didn't want it, he voted for it...who did he listen to?" and they'll win.

With obama's presidency harkening back to the McCarthy Era's "Red Hunt" thanks to the "email those who don't think like we do!" push, they've pretty much nailed their political coffins here. It's all just a matter now of seeing if America can last until next November's elections and the overwhelming sweep of the Republican party to power. obama knows he won't get anything passed after the next election, so he's intent on destroying us as much as possible until then.

democratic politicians need to think long and hard before slamming this bill through over the public's protestations. It's hard to blame the Republicans for the death of the health care system when you are the ones in control.

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