Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kiss Your Family Goodbye!

With the last holdout down, the Senate now has all it needs to push hussein's "I will kill you, filthy American pig!" healthcare bill through. Despite what literally millions and millions of American voters have said and expressed to their elected representatives about not doing this, they are going ahead with it anyway. From this point on, getting sick is an automatic death sentence for you.

Less than one year in office, and this clueless politician has given us the highest unemployment in years, a recession we still don't see an end for, and now he's destroying our health care. Keep in mind, this is OUR health care, not his. If those two kids of his get sick, they see a doctor immediately. Your children, on the other hand, will wait for a year.

Get every single one of those people out of office in 2010! And get that crazy muslim out of the White House in 2012--if we are still allowed to vote by then. You think I'm joking, but wait and see...your right to vote is the next thing on his list to take down. He's in office now and has no plans to leave peacefully.

And now Iran has thumbed their nose at us and started taking oil wells. The world has no respect for America anymore because they know hussein will do nothing to stop them but complain about their greenhouse gasses. We gave you a chance to prove yourselves, democrats, and this is what you've done to us. Screaming "Change!" at every rally you have will only backfire on you now. It will become the Republican battle cry in 2010.

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