Monday, December 21, 2009

Note to Senators - You're Fired!

If you had an employee that you told to do something and they said, "Up yours! I'm doing what I want to!", would you take it? Nope, you'd fire their sorry butt. The Senate decided over the weekend to go ahead despite millions of negative comments by their constituents saying not to vote for the health care destruction bill. Every single Democrat said yes, giving the finger to the very people they are supposed to be representing. That being said, I think most people in those Democratic states should get a free ride on taxes next year. There is supposed to be "no taxation withour representation", but if your representative isn't actually representing you that means you don't have one. Enjoy a year of no taxes, guys!

Next year will not be an election, it will be a political slaughter. The Democrats shouldn't even bother spending time on the campaign trail, but should just go ahead and start packing today.

Why on earth would you give up your entire professional career just to say you voted with the most unpopular president in recent U.S. history? They know this vote is political suicide, yet they're going to do it anyway? How does that make sense?

There hasn't been this vocal of a protest about an issue in decades. The people have spoken in rally after rally after "town hall meeting", and yet these Demos are saying "We hear you, but screw you...hussein said do it and we're doing it."

So let this serve as your notice. Spend time over the Christmas break looking for a new job. You won't stand a chance in November. You are all fired. And good riddance to every last one of you spineless thieves.

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