Sunday, November 8, 2009

Congratulations, Pelosi! Now Maybe He'll Sleep With You

It was a big night for Nancy Pelosi last night, as she finally gets to show up at the White House and try to kick Michelle out. No more obama blow-up dolls for her! She's going to demand the real thing since she got his medical destruction plan passed.

Please keep in mind, America, that this health care plan does not apply to members of Congress or even hussein himself. If Sasha goes into a coma, she gets immediate medical attention. If your child goes into a coma, you get a six-month wait to see a doctor. Got massive headaches that you fear could be a brain anurism? Well, you have 3 trips to the doctor a year thanks to rationing, so you'd better think about it carefully before you have it checked. Meanwhile, Pelosi can go every single day to see a doctor if she feels like it.

And here's the funny thing: most people just don't care. They see the whole "Ooohhhh, I get free insurance now?" thing and don't even consider the quality of health care it means they'll receive.

In Birmingham, there are several hospitals that are there just for uninsured people. They have never, ever, at any point in time, turned away any individual or family who came in seeking medical treatment. So how can you say we had to destroy health care for everyone else just because our dictator says we need it?

The American voters showed their disgust with this bill time and again in town hall meetings and public demonstrations. The Democrats said, "We hear you, but stuff it! We're voting for it anyway!"

Good luck campaigning in January, guys. It's hard to say "I represent you, the voter!" when you've just voted to kill our health care (and not touch your health care at all). Go ahead and clean our your offices. You're going home.

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