Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Death of Your Health Care

Well, those cowardly Senators did their duty tonight and made sure this 2000+ page health care reform bill got out there. They won't let anyone--that includes you, the voter--have time to read and study this bill. Instead, they crank it out Wednesday night and demand a vote on Sunday.

They continually ignore the protests of the very people they are supposed to be representing. They are there to vote as their constituents tell them to...but they are saying "Forget you! This is all about showing the world obama can actually get something done!"

His entire presidency hangs upon this health care destruction. The world has no respect for him, the voters have no respect for him. He needs just one single thing he can point to for the rest of his term and say, "See? I did manage to get that done!" To him, that one thing is now health care reform.

This week my wife went to the doctor because she was coughing and was sick. She got an appointment the same day she called and got medicine for the cold. Under hussein's destruction of health care, that will be a six-month wait if she's lucky.

Senators, you may be able to say you passed this horrible bill to destroy our nation's health care just to gain that 10% of the vote from those who refuse to work, but it will cost you your position in the long run. You have proven that you do not care about the people you were elected to represent. It's one thing to spread lies that we can't disprove; it's another thing completely to spit in their faces. You will not be coming back after next year's elections.

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