Saturday, November 7, 2009

Please Don't Hurt the Muslim's Feelings

After this week's horrible shooting at Ft. Hood, the Muslim community there is worried they'll be painted in a bad light by the press. Read the full article here, if you can stomach it. And where is the outrage by the media over this senseless killing of our own soldiers on our own soil? Nowhere to be found because the word "Muslim" was involved.

The dumbest thing said by a Muslim in the article? “When a white guy shoots up a post office, they call that going postal,” said Victor Benjamin II, 30, a former member of the Army. “But when a Muslim does it, they call it jihad."

No, when a Muslim screams "Allah Akbar!" before shooting American soldiers (not a shopping mall full of folks, or a bunch of other Muslims in a mosque, or even a herd of wild goats...but specifically targeting American soldiers)...that we call jihad.

But here's the thing: no one in the Army has called it "jihad". It was a crazy Muslim terrorist act, plain and simple. The Muslims are suddenly adapting this "poor, pitiful, misunderstood us" act in an attempt to get sympathy.

That's pretty much the standard answer for Muslims when one of their own shows the true colors of his training and kills Americans. The whole "they don't speak for all of us" thing gets weaker with each attack. Soon it won't hold water at all.

Unfortunately, obama is just as quick to defend his Muslim brothers when something like this happens. He spent the first two minutes of his televised appearance talking about his stupid healthcare destruction bill before even mentioning the death of the American soldiers. It's like their deaths were an afterthought to him. He's the most anti-American leader I've ever seen...and he's our president!

And then we have the town in Connecticut that refuses to allow "Muslim terrorists" to be placed on a memorial marker because they feel it would be hurtful to Muslims. Again, poor, pitiful Muslims who killed thousands of Americans in one day at the World Trade Center almost ten years ago, and who killed several soldiers in Texas this week, are getting a bad rap. We don't want to hurt their feelings by drawing attention to their actions now, do we?

The thing that gets me about the Fort Hood article is the way the Muslims and the media are trying to turn it all around and blame the Army for what happened! It's like saying the rapist is innocent because the victim of the rape asked for it! It's so incredibly stupid and insane, it goes beyond description. We used to be a great nation, but now we have allowed Islam to come in and destroy our nation from within to the point that none of their actions can be blamed on them or on their teachings...instead, it is the fault of the victim.

And so the question has to be asked: if the terrorist is excused for killing those soldiers because someone said something mean to him and hurt his feelings, does that mean Yankees fans can kill Dodgers fans because they said something mean about their team? Would you excuse a white guy who killed a Muslim that hurt his feelings because the Muslim called him an infidel? Of course not! It's absurd!

There is no excuse for what that man did. If they hurt his feelings and it excused his brutal murders of those soldiers, then I guess his whole "religion of peace" failed him.

At some point America will hopefully stand up and say, "Ok, that's enough." Until then, we have obama to manipulat...ummm, guide our nation.

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