Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poor Widdle Terrorists (part 2)

Read this article for an eye-opening look at what I talked about yesterday.

Beware, Islamic terrorists...not all Americans are as stupid as the Democrats.

I love how they say "Don't judge all Muslims by the actions of one." Ok, then, how about the six that destroyed the WTC? Or the dozens that kill U.S. soldiers everywhere in Afghanistan and those who killed them in Iraq? How about the devout Muslim who beheaded his wife in Seattle (and owned a television station) because she wanted a divorce? Or the wonderful Muslim man who ran over his own daughter last week in Arizona because she was becoming too Westernized (and he called it an "Honor Killing")?

How many do we have to have before we're allowed to say, "Hmmmm, there just might be a trend here?"

And by the way, the massacre this week was not the fault of the Army, I'll say it again. The blame rests solely on the shoulders of the Muslim terrorist who killed the men in the base, targeting American soldiers specifically. There is no excuse for him that the Muslims can hide behind. He had been taught to hate Americans as infidels, just as he was supposed to. The difference is that he killed them earlier than planned.

If this is swept away and blamed on the soldiers who died, you will see this happen on a much bigger scale from other Muslim terrorists. They'll say somebody made fun of them and their beliefs, and therefore it gives them the right to kill dozens of people. Do not let him get away with this, people! The soldiers were not to blame! The terrorist was! And whatever teaching he was receiving that taught him to hate Americans was to blame. The "religion of peace" really isn't anything about peace at all.

When a pastor speaks against homosexuality, it's branded a hate crime and pastors everywhere are persecuted and threatened for it. When a Muslim screams hatred of Americans, it's "an isolated incident" and the rest demand to be left alone and even apologized to.

Time to wake up, America.

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