Sunday, November 22, 2009

SNL Does It Again

You've got to hand it to Saturday Night Live: sometimes they can really be truthful and awesome. Take the SNL obama "What have I accomplished? Nothing!" skit. That was so funny and so truthful that CNN actually did an entire segment devoted to fact-checking it! An SNL skit! Did they ever fact check a Bush skit? Nope, but talk about their glorious dictator and they jump to his rescue.

Last night, SNL did it again with a hilarious skit involving obama's trip to China. This "press conference skit" was once again dead-on and even better than their previous work. Of course, this week will be filled with rebuttals by CNN as they try to shut down SNL from trying that stuff again, but I'm routing for them. Maybe if they keep showing how much of a fool the rest of the world sees this "leader" as, more folks will take notice to the truth.

Yes, there are those who will never vote against him no matter what he does, but then there is that majority that voted for him based on the image projected by the media. Keep it up, SNL! It's hilarious!

As soon as Hulu puts it up, we'll post the skit here so everyone can enjoy it.

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