Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally, we strike back!

According to this story, the FBI is trying to seize several buildings tied to funding Iran. The buildings are Muslim owned and include a mosque, but the ties are there (one of the buildings providing millions of dollars a year through rent to Iran). Go for it, FBI!

CAIR (the arm of the radical Islamic terrorist movement in the U.S.) is attempting to throw this in the light of religious persecution rather than their terrorist actions, which is typical for Muslims as we've seen from last week's Fort Hood shooting. "Don't look at what we're doing, we're hiding behind religion!" Please!

It's about time America starting pulling its head out of the sand and calling these people on the carpet. When your religion includes people openly screaming for the death of America--the very country your mosque is standing in--then you deserve to be escorted off the border. Period.

I hope this is a trend of things to come for Islam in America. Those who truly are peaceful with no ties to terrorism can worship as they will, but the vast majority of them who are openly plotting for the destruction of America are now welcome to leave.

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